Dr. Samita Nandy (PhD)

Award-Winning Celebrity & Fame Expert, Author, Media Personality
Keynote Speech: “Glamour and Celebrity Activism”


“I’m honoured to be invited to ANOKHI’s T.A.P.E. event entitled #ThisIsMyGlamour18 and present the keynote speech ‘Glamour and Celebrity Activism.’ As a South Asian woman giving a voice to diverse men and women, I am incredibly proud of ANOKHI MEDIA – a fabulous media brand inspiring us all to be absolutely unique.”


Dr. Samita Nandy is a New York based award-winning academic, author and cultural critic on celebrity and fame. She is the pre-eminent expert on this subject matter and is considered a pioneer in this topic of study. With federal and provincial grants valued at $140,000, her research has developed with an aim to reveal meanings of celebrity culture, history of stardom, and celebrity activism.

She is also the Director of the Centre for Media and Celebrity Studies (CMCS) and the celebrated author of “Fame in Hollywood North”.

Her media appearances have included: The Globe and Mail, CBC, CTV Breaking News CP 24, SUN Media, 24 Hours News, CITY TV News, VICE, Chatelaine, Flare, Hollywood North Magazine, FUSIA, ANOKHI, Starbuzz, Humber News, Hamilton Arts and Letters, Canadian Journalism Foundation, ATN Television, CINA 1650 AM, VoiceAmerica Women, Share magazine, Eternity Watch magazine.

Dr. Nandy will be presenting this event’s ‘Keynote Speech’, entitled: “Glamour & The Celebrity of Fame”.


Courtesy of Dr. Samita Nandy


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