Manghoe Lassi

Desi Drag Queen
Panelist: “The Business of Glamour”


“Being invited to participate in the ANOKHI T.A.P.E. #ThisisMyGlamour18 event is such an honor. It’s become vital that queerness and queer people of colour are being represented in the glamour industries, whether it be fashion, film, music, or makeup. I am especially excited to take part in such an important event that centers around the South Asian culture and Desi contributions to beauty and fashion.”


Humza A. Mian aka Manghoe Lassi is a queer Canadian-Pakistani who currently resides in the GTA. He is a Registered Veterinary Technician who works in the downtown core, and a drag queen who has made a big splash on social media over the last year.

The focus of his drag is to bring awareness to the existence of queer Desi folk and breaking the chains of toxic masculinity that hold so many queer Desi’s back from expressing themselves. With the help of brands run primarily by PoC, Humza has branched into the world of commercial makeup artistry and is currently focusing on representing brands that encourage diversity and inclusion.


Courtesy of Manghoe Lassi


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