Kavita Suri

Celebrity Makeup Artist, Owner of Infuse Med Spa, Founder of Infuse Derm Skin Care
“The State Of Beauty” Panelist


“It’s a true honour to have been invited to speak as a panelist on ‘The State Of Beauty’ panel at ANOKHI’s “This is My Beauty” Spring event, especially as a beauty entrepreneur, as my perspectives marry the institutions of beauty and business – two worlds that many people find difficult to understand, but that I’m going to explain from having experienced it first-hand. Beauty from the inside out is a value I instill in my lifestyle daily, and is my mission at my medical spa with my clients and staff alike. I’m excited to share my trade secrets on skin care also during my skincare demonstration targeting women of colour specifically.”


As one of the most sought after make-up artists and beauty experts in North America, Kavita Suri is a true pioneer in the business of beauty. Over the past 15 years, Kavita has worked to develop a brand that encompasses bridal hair & make-up services, a medical wellness spa, a beauty academy, magazine editorial styling, her own line of professional airbrush make-up products, media appearances and more. As an award-winning make-up artist and creative visionary, Kavita is best known for providing her clients with a personable experience and delivering a flawless look with each stroke of the brush.

While attaining a diploma in business marketing and graduating from esthethic study, Kavita began her career as a freelance make-up artist in 1999. With great foresight, she discovered a growing market within the South Asian community where she made a name for herself by fusing eastern traditions with western trends in beauty. It was then that Kavita found her platform – networking her way into Canada’s first South Asian bridal magazine, Suhaag. This proved a worthwhile venture as Kavita became their principal make-up artist for 9 consecutive years. Since then, Kavita has served as Beauty Editor for a number of leading South Asian publications including Asian Woman Canada and Masala Mommas.

Equipped with experience in the fashion industry, testimonials from hundreds of brides and years of retail experience working with major cosmetic brands such as Estee Lauder and Vasanti Cosmetics, Kavita has taken her beauty enterprise to the next level. Her vision of high quality make-up artistry and esthetics blossomed into Kavita Suri Spa in 2008 situated in the heart of Yorkville in Toronto where she worked with entertainment heavyweights, Hollywood actress Jada Pinket Smith and iconic Bollywood superstar, Priyanka Chopra among many others.

With the growth of the spa came an influx of inquiries from women looking to learn Kavita’s secrets of the trade, making way for the Kavita Suri Beauty Academy. Since then, Kavita has offered personal workshops, including the hugely popular “One-on-One Make-up” certificate, later being merged with the Toronto Aesthetics Hair Academy, where students receive a credited Government Recognized Certificate upon completion.

As Kavita sought new areas for growth within the beauty industry, in 2011, she and her business partners founded Infuse Med Spa, a chain of medical spas specializing in Painless Hair Removal for all skin types and medical grade skin care services. Infuse Med Spa was soon franchised out to a number of business owners and now operates as a Health, Wellness Beauty Clinic with the Kavita Suri Spa brand.

Now in 2015, the Kavita Suri brands adds a professional line or airbrush make-up to its list. Kavita Suri Airbrush offers a blush, foundation and HD primer which promises to help your skin glow and radiate all day and all night.

An intense passion for creating beauty, coupled with her fierce entrepreneurial spirit have quickly made the Kavita Suri brand a household name across the country. With a slew of magazine covers, fashion shows, successful businesses and countless media productions in her portfolio, it’s no wonder that clients everywhere look to Kavita as a trendsetting beauty expert.


Agnes Kiesz, Pure Studios


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