Dilshad Burman

Digital Content Creator, Host of ‘EAT SOMETHING! With Dee’ & Producer/Host, ANOKHI Pulse TV
“This Is My Beauty” Event Facebook LIVE Host


“I am beyond excited to be a part of ‘The ANOHKI PRESTGE Experience’s inaugural event and to bring viewers a behind-the-scenes look LIVE on ANOKHI MEDIA’s Facebook from 11am to 5pm EST on April 30th. I’m looking forward to learning from our experienced speakers, indulging at our vendor lounges and absorbing the wonderful positive energies of our attending members. It’s going to be an uplifting day!”


Dilshad Burman is an award-winning TV host and Canadian media personality.
Born in Mumbai, India, she moved to Canada to study Television Broadcasting and is now based out of Toronto.

Dilshad is well known for hosting the Canadian Screen Award nominated, urban culture show ‘V-Mix’ on Omni Television throughout its four-season run. But she’s not just a pretty face! Dilshad is also very well versed in behind-the-scenes operations, starting out in the industry as a news editor and contributing her talents to the City TV and Omni Television newsrooms for over six years.

As a well-rounded television professional, Dilshad is now channeling all her skills and experience into independent content creation. She is the host, producer, director and editor of ANOKHI MEDIA’s ANOKHI PULSE TV. She is also in high demand as an independent host and MC for live events across the GTA. Plus, she has a fledgling but growing career as a model/actress and can be seen in the latest national Nikon ad campaign. A veritable one woman army!

In addition, Dilshad is passionate about reaching out to young immigrants and sharing her experiences. Her Facebook LIVE/SoundCloud series ‘My Immigrant Journey’ has reached 200 thousand people across the world, and counting! Through personal stories and lived experiences plus her quirky story telling style, Dilshad connects with the expat community and aims to create relatable content and meaningful dialogue.

Along with juggling various demanding projects, Dilshad is now fulfilling her lifelong dream of hosting her own cooking show with the launch of ‘EAT SOMETHING! with Dee’ – a Facebook LIVE video series where she shares her own creations and mom’s classic recipes. Tune in every Sunday to see what she’s cooking up next!


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