Toronto, ON (Thursday March 29, 2018) – ANOKHI MEDIA, Canada’s leading South Asian entertainment and lifestyle media and events company announces the first event of the year – #ThisIsMyGlamour18 – as part of its membership driven, niche The ANOKHI PRESTIGE Experience (T.A.P.E) event series.

“After a tremendously successful launch year last year, The ANOKHI PRESTIGE Experience (T.A.P.E.) is back for a second year to build on the momentum already created with this boutique lifestyle event series” says Founder, President and CEO of the ANOKHI brand Raj Girn. “This year will see the same formula of onstage programming, vendors experiential lounge, raffles, gift bags, and lunch. And we continue to emphasize on this being a networking centric event between celebrities, influencers, experts, brands, and our members, in an engaging and meaningful manner that focuses on relevant North American based South Asian life themes”.

                  Photo Highlights From T.A.P.E’s 2017 Events

Much like previous year, 2018 will see T.A.P.E. consist of TWO EVENTS:

SPRING EVENT: #ThisIsMyGlamour18
DATE: Sunday May 6th, 2018

SUMMER EVENT: #ThisIsMyWellness18
DATE: Sunday August 12th , 2018

Our venue partner for both events is The Globe and Mail Centre, Toronto.

What The Attendees Can Expect:
– Diverse Networking Opportunities
– Meaningful Panel Discussions
– Deep Delve Fireside Chats
– Interactive Demonstrations
– Inspirational Keynote Speeches
– Vendor Experiential Lounge
– Transformational Spotlight Talks
– Product & Service Raffles
– Bustling Gift Bags
– Lunch, Snacks, Beverages

Highlights of our past T.A.P.E events can be seen HERE and full details at the official website at

Early Bird Special, Bulk Special and Bundle Special tickets are now available for purchase HERE.
                                                                                                  The Globe And Mail Centre, Level 17, Toronto With Panoramic Views Of The City And Lake

ANOKHI MEDIA is pleased to announce that membership is now open to “The ANOKHI PRESTIGE Experience” Facebook group, where members can stay up-to-date with all information regarding the T.A.P.E event series, and benefit from:
– Exclusive discounts & offers not available anywhere else
– Monthly PRESTIGE newsletter membership
– First right to tickets before they become available to the public
– Virtual networking opportunities

We are pleased to announce our first group of speakers for #ThisIsMyGlamour18:


Raj Girn
Founder, President, CEO, Brand Ambassador: The ANOKHI Brand
Main Event Host & Celebrity Fireside Chat Host



Dr. Samita Nandy
Award-Winning Celebrity & Fame Expert, Author, Media Personality
Keynote Speech: ‘Glamour & Celebrity Activism’






Dr. Renu Persaud
Award-Winning Lecturing Professor & Author
Transformational Spotlight Talk: “The Mastery of You”




Stay tuned for more speaker announcements coming over the next few weeks,

ANOKHI MEDIA’s 2017 T.A.P.E events garnered over 10 million campaign impressions. Sponsorship packages for this year’s events will provide:
– AMPLIFICATION: E-marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, affiliate marketing, influencer marketing, onsite marketing
– EXPERIENTIAL: Onstage opportunities, booth displays/sampling, raffles, gift bags
– MEDIA COVERAGE: Inclusion in photography & video coverage
– MEDIA CREDIT: Media spend available with most packages

For more information, contact: [email protected]

Any experts, specialists, or influencers interested to be considered for participation in the onstage program can click HERE to contact ANOKHI.

Join the buzz on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook: #TAPE2018 #ThisIsMyGlamour18 #ThisIsMyWellness18

To find out more about the event and book an interview with ANOKHI MEDIA’s Founder, President, CEO Raj Girn, please contact:

Media Enquiries:
Farah Khan
[email protected]

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About The ANOKHI PRESTIGE Experience (T.A.P.E.)
The ANOKHI PRESTIGE Experience (T.A.P.E.) is an exclusive members-driven event series, which focuses on identifying, exploring, and discussing lifestyle-based themes that comprise an integral component of North American South Asian life.
The events include a collection of interactive presentations, interesting activations and diverse networking opportunities between members, industry experts, multi-national corporations, community businesses, and the media. Each event’s campaign will consist of a multilayered pre, during and post marketing and promotions strategy implemented by ANOKHI MEDIA as well as attending talent, sponsors, partners, and members, in a collaborative effort to create awareness around this initiative, and promote a sense of enterprise and opportunity.
ANOKHI MEDIA was founded in 2002 by its award-winning President and CEO Raj Girn, who had the vision of creating a one-stop multimedia resource to communicate and engage intimately with the global South Asian community to which she belongs, as well as provide a platform for relevant and penetrative connectivity between the community and the commercial world at large. With this as the central focus and mission statement, Raj and her team set forth to create a brand that would forge this vision into the mindshare of the community and market share of the client.
ANOKHI MEDIA’s portfolio includes a robust online community with an online magazine, blogosphere, three video channels, a coffee table book, an annual awards show, a boutique event series, a weeklynewsletter, and a global social media network. They have also garnered an extensive, long-term, multi-national client base due to their innovative strategies and pioneering initiatives. The brand has become North America’s premier “go to” information resource for all aspects associated with South Asian pop culture, lifestyle and entertainment, for the consumer, the media and the commercial sector.
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